Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Tricks for Staging a Home for Less

Tricks for Staging a Home for Less Tricks for Staging a Home for Less Contrary to popular belief, staging a home does not have to be expensive. If you are selling your home, you can stage it on a limited budget as well. Here are some ways that can help you save money while ensuring your property looks sale-worthy. Have a Plan Ready Before creating a long list of repairs and maintenance work that might overwhelm you, talk to a professional who is involved in real estate. This way you can find out which repairs you should prioritize, and what isn’t worth the money and effort. An agent can tell you exactly which aspects of your home will get noticed during a showing, and which ones you can ignore. You will save money in the bargain which might otherwise be wasted on unnecessary repairs. Click To Tweet Paint a Few Rooms Only Even if all of the rooms in the property need a fresh coat of paint, you can reduce costs and effort by prioritizing the main areas. This includes the kitchen, master bedroom, the entryway, and the exterior areas which potential buyers always check out. If those rooms look clean and fresh, it will go a long way in increasing the perceived value of the property. In case you are really short on cash, consider painting those rooms yourself and save even more money. Borrow Furniture Don’t Buy It If a couple of rooms in your home look empty or sparse, consider borrowing a few pieces of furniture from friends or family members. They may have unused ones in their attic or basement that will fill up those spaces well. Some sellers like yourself may have a few extra pieces that they might be willing to rent out for staging efforts. This is much better than buying new furniture which buyers may not even like. It will save you money, and increase the value of the house at no cost. Clean EVERYTHING There is a reason why hotels always look warm and welcoming. Everything is cleaned regularly to appeal to guests. The same should be the case for a property you are selling. Dust, mop, sweep, and wash everything that buyers will see when they come for a showing. Even your pets should look presentable, especially if the potential buyers have their own pets. Every nook and cranny should be cleaned thoroughly. Buyers will be investigating the property inside and out, and imperfections or dirt will turn them off. Hide chipped paint with a fresh coat, and replace old carpets with fresher ones you can borrow from a friend or family member. Ask someone to assess your work before you have a showing for buyers. If they spot something you missed, chances are your buyers will see it too. All of this can be done free of cost if you are smart about it. Create the Right Atmosphere Once your home is sparkling clean from top to bottom, don’t seal it off from the elements. Buyers prefer homes that have a lived-in feel to them. Take advantage of natural lighting rather than expensive and artificial options.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Tips For Choosing a Quality Writing Service For Your Resume

Tips For Choosing a Quality Writing Service For Your ResumeIf you are looking for a Connecticut resume writing service, you should take the time to read some of the tips and advice that others have posted online. This will help you in determining which agency to choose for your resume writing needs.First and foremost, make sure that the agency you choose is reputable. A reputable agency will provide you with all the information that you need to prepare a good resume for the job you are applying for. The agency will also know how to get it out there so that potential employers can see what you can do. This will give them a chance to decide if they want to hire you.Another important tip is to be careful when choosing an agency. You should choose one that will provide you with qualified writers and one that is committed to quality work. You will want to choose one that is located in Connecticut.You will also want to check to see if the agency has the talent pool of qualified writers who live in the local area. Remember, you do not want to have to pay for expensive writers that live hundreds of miles away from your location.If you are trying to figure out what the best thing you can do for yourself is as a hiring manager, remember that you will need a well-written resume. This is one way that employers will see how good you are at what you do. They will be able to tell that you have a degree in something, if you write a quality resume.The document you write will be important for many different reasons and one of them is a great use of space. You will want to find the best ways to use the space you have to be able to get your message across in a way that is helpful. In this way, the resume will be more effective and the hiring manager will appreciate the time you took to put your thoughts down on paper.One of the most important things to remember when writing a resume is to be sure to format it properly. After all, the purpose of a resume is to get you hired for the job you are applying for. It should not be full of mistakes that leave it looking unprofessional.If you are looking for a Connecticut resume writing service, make sure to review the tips above. Then, select the one that fits your needs and then get started.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

3D Printing Blooms in Biomedical

3D Printing Blooms in Biomedical 3D Printing Blooms in Biomedical When American architect Charles Hull developed the principal 3D printer more than 30 years prior to make idea models, would he have envisioned that some time or another scientists will utilize 3D printing for building organ frameworks that are much progressively unpredictable? Proceeded with advancement has driven 3D printing into new domains and has demonstrated how far the innovation has come since its development. From dental items to prosthetics and tissue designing, 3D printing is likewise helping address some of todays biomedical difficulties. Biomedical applications are unmistakably fit since they are based on this uniqueness of added substance producing, which is the capacity to make streamlined and altered parts that are exceptionally perplexing, says Hod Lipson, partner educator of mechanical and aeronautic design and registering and data science at Cornell University and co-writer of the book Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing. An ongoing report by Meticulous Research demonstrates that the worldwide clinical 3D printing market is relied upon to reach $983.2 million constantly 2020, with significant drivers being the enlarging application, government activities to advance research exercises in 3D printing, and expanded speculations. So what will be the following phase of advancement? One of Organovo's tissue engineers directs the development of a vascular tissue build. Image: Organovo Bioprinting in 3D Bioprinting is a developing innovation for manufacturing counterfeit tissue and organ builds. Broad research is being directed in bioprinting and its potential as a future hotspot for organ transplants. It is, nonetheless, a lot more straightforward to print in plastic than living cells. Dissimilar to customary 3D printing of plastics and metal where after you complete the process of printing you have your part, with bioprinting its simply the start. Much after you complete the process of printing there is a lengthy, difficult experience ahead. You need to hatch the part, reproduce its condition its significantly more confounded, says Prof. Lipson. In spite of the fact that organ printing is still in beginning time of advancement, San Diego-based biotech firm Organovo has been utilizing bioprinting to make 3D printed tissues for preclinical medication revelation testing and will start selling its 3D printed human liver models this year. The human liver tissue that we just discharged could be utilized for toxicology testing, metabolic testing, and medication sedate connections, says Michael Renard, official VP of business activities at Organovo. Other than being a useful tissue fit as a fiddle and size, one of the trademark is that the tissue goes on for various days and weeks. It bears the capacity for medicate researchers to do longer term tests, he includes. Notwithstanding drug disclosure testing, says Renard, We likewise have a gathering that is starting to work with tissue plans that could be important in the center as a treatment to be conveyed to patients for a particular neglected clinical need. As per him, The objective is to keep on propelling tissues of higher unpredictability and closer to the sort of tissues and organs that we see full fledged in individuals. Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, right hand educator at the University of Iowas Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department likewise has been utilizing a 3D printer to print living structures with bio-ink (watch video). The objective is to in the long run print a working organ that can be transplanted into a human. A 3D printed ear, heart valve, and kidney are different organs specialists are right now dealing with however its difficult to coordinate the complexities of genuine human organs. The following phase of advancement in bioprinting, says Lipson, will be in various heterogeneous tissue to draw nearer to printing a genuine organ. There are two or three thoughts that have been shown identified with vascularity that are promising. The inquiry is the manner by which huge of a tissue would you be able to keep alive utilizing these methodologies and that is yet to be illustrated, he includes. The Case of Cartilage In 2006, Prof. Lipson and his partners at Cornells Creative Machines Lab printed a meniscus, the C-formed bit of human ligament that pads the knee and different joints and scientists around the world are currently utilizing 3D printing innovation to print living ligament for patients with knee wounds. All the more as of late, a biomedical architect and trachea master from the University of Michigan had the option to make a 3D printed support that spared a babys life who was brought into the world with an uncommon breathing issue and scientists at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research additionally effectively designed a 3D printed ligament to fix tissue harm in the trachea. Albeit further research is required before 3D printed ligament is really utilized in patients with bone wounds, the innovation holds huge guarantee for orthopedic medical procedure. Youngsters in Sudan fitted with 3D printed prosthetic arms as a component of Project Daniel. Picture: Not Impossible, LLC Do-it-Without anyone else's help Prosthetics Prosthetics was one of the main biomedical territories to be upset by 3D printing and keeps on developing as the innovation turns out to be more democratized, making supplanting appendages simpler and less expensive. In the no so distant past, highlighted the RoboHand, a gadget created on a 3D printer, created by a South African craftsman Richard Van As and Ivan Owen from Bellevue, WA. Presently with effectively available open source plans, individuals are 3D printing custom prosthetics for kids, grown-ups, and even mutts like Derby, who was as of late observed at the 2015 White House Science Fair. The effect of 3D printed prosthetics on the creating scene is vast, says Elliot Kotek, fellow benefactor of the non-benefit association Not Impossible, LLC, which utilizes 3D printing for building ease prosthetics for populaces with no entrance to another option. 3D printed choices are giving instruments to those whove recently needed access to serviceable, moderate, ideal arrangements, says Kotek, including that The 3D printed mechanical hands and arms are not, obviously, anyplace close to the gauges of bionics being offered in higher financial environs, yet in places where lives are on the line, day by day, having fast prototyping alternatives is a distinct advantage. Study the most recent advances in 3D printing at ASMEs AM3D 2015 in India and Boston. Not at all like conventional 3D printing of plastics and metal where after you complete the process of printing you have your part, with bioprinting it's simply the beginning.Prof. Hod Lipson, Cornell University

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Why do Mock Interviews

Why do Mock Interviews Tell me if this sounds familiar you are landing lots of phone screenings and face-to-face interviews but, unfortunately, you arent getting any second round interviews or job offers. You feel you are qualified for these jobs and your salary demands are inline. Is this your situation? This typically indicates that your resume is strong but your interviewing skills are not. If this is the case, then Id like to introduce you to my good friend: the mock interview. Mock interviews are practice interviews that simulate the conditions, format, questions, and environment of the real interview you will soon have. A mock interview delivers a significant advantage to candidates over ones who do not practice with mock interviews. Surprisingly, a small percentage of people prepare for an interview with a mock interview. So use mock interviews to give yourself an advantage. Here are a few ways to get the maximum benefit from mock interviews! Simulate the actual interviewing environment It is easy to respond to questions when you are in the comfort of your home or school or coffee shop because you are in a comfortable surrounding. Mock interviews are the time to remove that comfort and simulate a potentially challenging environment or stressful conditions. If you can, try to find a business setting youve never visited to conduct the mock interview. You get the feel for having to find a new location on time that alone can throw you off in an interview so practice handling it. Dress the part Practicing interview questions is a good idea but why not take a few extra minutes and get in your suit, print your resumes, and brush your teeth just as you would do for a real interview. Casually practicing answers to questions is NOT the same as answering questions in the interview youll have. Remember, every extra effort you put into a mock interview creates an advantage over other candidates. Practice easy and tough questions Tell me about yourself is the most common interview ice breaker question in an interview and also the one that people trip up on regularly. Our coaches advise a very specific structure to this answer certain information in a specific sequence that takes an appropriate amount of time. This is how we approach each interview question with our clients we develop what you should say FIRST and then we practice. We also review the strategy you need to take with each type of question and tips for making sure you have a plan before you start talking. Do you need a career coach to conduct the interview A career coach isnt necessary for mock interviews but find someone capable of simulating a hiring manager for your potential position, particularly with case interviews. Make sure the person is competent and will take his/her role in helping you seriously. While career coaches are expensive, that cost should be weighed against the price of losing the job to another candidate who interviewed better. You may be a good candidate, even quite good. However, what if there are certain questions you didnt prepare for or what if there is something else unbeknownst to you that is costing you job offers? A professional career coach can help eradicate these possibilities. Either way, prepare with mock interviews. One executive career coaching client of ours conducted 17 mock interviews. The job she was looking for was rare and the competition fierce. Her resume was quite strong but felt the long and numerous interviews would be her stumbling block. Were proud to say she landed her dream job! You can too with a little practice. If you consider what is at stake, your interview preparation should be at least equal to your networking effort. After all, what good is your network, your resume and that awesome suit if you cant interview well? Remember, getting a job offer is your measure of success. Landing the interview is NOT the finish line! Run through multiple mock interviews for each interview you have. Make them as realistic as possible and you will soon have the problem of choosing which job offer youre going to accept! If your first interview is over the phone, check out our 4 powerful phone interview tips. Just ahead of your interview, read our blog to boost your confidence and ace that interview!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

10 Fortune 500 Companies With Work-From-Home Jobs

10 Fortune 500 Companies With Work-From-Home Jobs 10 Fortune 500 Companies With Work-From-Home Jobs At the point when you consider a Fortune 500 organization, you likely picture a huge number of workers situated in a huge central station. And keeping in mind that numerous Fortune 500 representatives accomplish work out of an office, the rising prominence of remote work implies that an ever increasing number of workers get the chance to work directly from their homes. As of late, FlexJobs compiled a rundown of Fortune 500 organizations with remote work choices - here are probably the most remarkable. Investigate, and apply today - these employments won't be open for long! Open Remote Positions: Systems Consultant, Technology Services Manager, Business Development Executive, Sr. Expert for Learning and Development, Account Executive and more What Employees Say: Flexible work choices, many profession ways and open doors for vocation development. Incredible spot to get world class understanding. - Current Account Manager III Open Remote Positions: Account Manager, Human Capital Service Advisor, Instructional Designer, Sr. Information Scientist, Marketing Specialist I and more What Employees Say: Love having the option to telecommute. Manager and Team Lead are sympathetic about their workers. Huge choice of advantage intends to look over and the measure of took care of time is awesome in any event, for lower grade positions. - Current Clinical Administrative Coordinator Open Remote Positions: Cloud Engineer, COOP Analyst, Industrial Outreach Energy Engineer, Price-To-Win Analyst, Software Developer and more What Employees Say: Extraordinary condition, great business, advances work/life balance, astounding administration, all around solid group, and bunches of space for development inside the organization. - Current Accountant Open Remote Positions: Manager â€" Telecomm/Voice Engineering, Salesforce DEVOPS Architect, RN Case Manager â€" Telephonic Nurse 2, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Senior Software Engineer â€" Workday and more What Employees Say: Humana is the uncommon sort of organization that really appears to think about its representatives. Work/life balance is gigantic and the way of life is centered around prosperity. Advantages and pay are extraordinary and the organization is continually searching for approaches to improve. I've just been here a brief time yet I have each goal of resigning here. - Current Employee Open Remote Positions: Continuum of Care Manager, Bus Project Program Mgr, Senior Informatics Analyst, UM Clinical Consultant, Consumer Financial Services Sales Executive and more What Employees Say: I truly delighted in who I worked with and despite the fact that I had a few chiefs throughout the years. I had an extremely extraordinary one for a very long time. The advantages are great and they attempt to help support staff with remunerations. The workplace was lovely. - Former Employee Open Remote Positions: Global Sales Enablement Specialist, Marketing Manager â€" Trial Conversion, Senior Project Manager, IRT Designer/Principal Consultant, Principal Solution Architect and more What Employees Say: The work is mentally invigorating.. Extraordinary advantages and motivators for sales reps. Extraordinary culture and network. Capable administration with long stretches of understanding. - Current Client Partner Open Remote Positions: Provider Network Mgr I, Business Information Analyst II, Mgr. II Enterprise Benefits Administration, Program Manager, Community Relations Rep III and more What Employees Say: Song of devotion offers serious compensations, reachable vocation way for progression, decent variety, and propelled industry preparing. Song of devotion perceives the significance of work life balance. Song of devotion thinks about their workers and is an extraordinary organization. Song of devotion has great advantages for their workers. - Current Senior Project Manager Open Remote Positions: AppleCare at Home Team Manager, Technical Specialist, AppleCare Technical Support Advisor, AppleCare Customer Relations Advisor, AppleCare Readiness Support Advisor and more What Employees Say: The position is at home. The organization is AMAZING. There are boundless headway openings. You work with some extremely cool individuals and the administration thinks about your turn of events. You may get instructing however you never get battered or deprecated. The compensation is not too bad and the advantages incorporate, 401(k) coordinate, stock buy choices, item limits and limits on administrations across various regions, instruction assistance, youngster care help, paid excursion, wiped out time and other time off choices, fitness center Reimbursment or bicycle cost set off. - Current Apple At Home Advisor Open Remote Positions: HEOR/RWE Business Development Sales Director, Sales Executive â€" New Business Health Systems, Manager Research Site Services, McKesson Brands Field Sales Specialist, Talent Advisor and more What Employees Say: Incredible culture. Low turnover. Work life balance for client care. Extraordinary excursion bundle. - Current Key Account Specialist Open Remote Positions: Product Support Specialist, Account Manager, Blood Transfusion Business Development Manager, Field Applications Scientist, Sr. Dir. â€" Commercial Sales and more What Employees Say: Progression openings are superb, monetarily determined, ceaseless improvement culture, site has fun exercises after work, extraordinary initiative preparing programs. - Current Employee

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10 Ways Technology Has Revolutionised Recruitment

10 Ways Technology Has Revolutionised Recruitment Facebook10TweetLinkedInPinEmailShares10 How was technology revolutionised recruitment? 1. A new way of thinking Technology provides a new way of thinking. Past traditional methods no longer seem relevant or appropriate as they once were. Recruiters see things differently, how can they maximise their time? What are the best ways to communicate with clients and candidates? There must be more simple and efficient ways to streamline the hiring process. 2. Social sourcing Social media is difficult to escape in 2019. With its explosion in popularity, comes a new age of recruitment. Hiring teams will scour LinkedIn in search of their next potential recruit. As well as using other platforms to pre-screen candidates to get a real insight into who they are outside of work. Although this is without controversy. Many have questioned how fair is it to base a persons job prospects on a perceived portrayal of their social media image? 3. Powerful contribution to eliminating bias Many recruitment organisations who use hiring technology, such as AI, and automated initiatives for candidate screening/matching, are taking that first step in removing bias. These types of software develop algorithms designed to consider candidates who fit the job description. All other external influences (irrelevant to the role) are not used to influence hiring decisions. This means factors a job seeker cannot control wont impact their job chances, leading to a more fair and diverse workplace. 4. Interview anywhere, anytime. The beauty of technology is that it encourages flexibility. It makes ease of previously structural processes, such as the interview stage. Video interviewing is ideal for scheduling set questions and enables candidates to access the interview, record their responses and submit when ready. 5. Making use of candidate data There are many hours spent scrolling through a large database of candidates, looking for the perfect job match. Something all recruiters have experienced on a day to day basis. Its time-consuming and all too often the perfect candidate doesnt even exist. Whereas new technological initiates dig deep into the database and automatically bring up results that match the job requirements. This even works for past candidates or those who have been previously rejected. Giving life to the term keep on file. 6. Communication increasingly important Communication is key for positive candidate experience. Which according to Glassdoor can result in a 70% improvement in the quality of hire for those organisations who decide to invest in a strong candidate experience. Technology has the capability to provide effective communication outlets. That allows for the ease and flow of continual conversation. From instant messaging, video calls, to chatbots. All are relevant in keeping candidates engaged and will help minimise the risk of candidate drop out. 7. Data-driven decisions With technology comes data. The difference between a successful recruiter and a not so successful one, is how they can interpret this said data. For high-volume recruitment, this is extremely relevant. Its easy to look at the data for one candidate but what about for hundreds? Take for example, candidate screening technology. This type of software filters out job applications and ranks based on their skills and experience. It is then the recruiters job to make use of these data-backed suggestions and determine which candidate will progress further. 8. Job advertising The way candidates are searching for jobs has changed with technological advances. Lots of job seekers use their smartphone device to find a job and will use social media in their quest. Therefore a recruiter needs to ensure their role advertisement strategy is social-savvy. Post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to widen the search and target even passive candidates. 9. Candidate management Candidates can drop out during any point in the recruitment process. On a small scale this is easier to manage and unearth issues because usually, this will be only a minority. However for high volume hiring its much more difficult to pinpoint the exact issue, due to the sheer number of different applications falling at different stages. There are recruitment solutions available that provide statistics and infographics on the hiring process. Where do candidates spend the most time, which stage left the highest amount of dropouts? When a recruiter knows this information they can make changes to their current strategy and improve for the future. 10. Redefining employer brand Strong brand perception can win new clients, maintain current relationships and appeal to a wide variety of different candidates, who trust the agency to help find them a job. Building a brand requires patience, persistence and trust. There are different inbound marketing techniques that are extremely effective in helping achieve this. Content creation, blogs, social media, resources and leveraging SEO are all key components in creating attraction and a technically advanced recruitment marketing strategy. Conversely, negativity can spread like wildfire. Unhappy reviewers can ensure their voice is heard, potentially globally. Glassdoor, Google reviews and social media can all damage a brands online perception. Its how a recruitment agency learns to deal and resolve the issue that will really define their future successes.